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Which came first: the product or the customer?  This is a problem for many startup companies.  Suppliers require minimum orders.  We don’t have the volume to place those orders yet.

By pledging on Kickstarter, you are essentially preordering.  If we get enough preorders to meet our goal, we accept your pledges and provide you with product.  If we don’t, your pledge is never taken out of your account.

Check us out, Get project updates, Become a backer and help us expand to bring you more innovative products.

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Children's Table and Chair set
Gypsy Kids: fun to play with, but even more fun to put together

Gypsy Student: collapses for easy moving, sets up in no time

Gypsy Living: furnishings for the whole house with Gypsy's twist on modern style

Why Gypsy?

Gypsy is a line of furniture inspired for by the hassle of moving as a college student.

No Tools, No Hardware

Components are joined using connectors which are manufactured right into the components.  This means no screws to loose and no tools for assembly.  Just slide the parts together.  Connectors are designed with some interferences, so friction keeps them from coming apart.  

Repeated Use

Unlike other ready-to-assemble furniture, Gyspy is designed to be assembled and disassembled repeatedly. Gypsy Furniture can be assembled in a mere minutes, some in as little as 30 seconds.  

Easy to Move

Collapsible furniture makes moving easy.  No more hassle of wrestling desks, tables, and bookcases up long flights of stairs and around corners.  Just disassemble the furniture, and you can pack the entire front room into the back of your car.

Interchangeable, Customizable

With interchangeable components, each piece of furniture you acquire, adds to you options.  If you are ready for a new look, just order a few new end panels and your home takes on a whole new feel.


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