60H x 30W Home Montessori Bookshelf


This shelf is part of our Home line of products. The sides come unfinished.

The Montessori Method encourages accessibility and freedom for children. The Birch Montessori Shelf is beautifully designed to invite children to choose among the materials you present for their learning and play.

  • Constructed from beautiful, durable, safe Baltic Birch, so it's made to last
  • Assembles with no tools or hardware.
  • Partial Back for stability and function.
  • Measures 60H x 30W x 11.5D

Customize your prepared environment with different finishes.

This two-tier birch unit can be modified by adding an extra shelf. The shelving unit has holes that run along the sides, so you can adjust the shelf height as you like.

The open design and appropriate height allow children to easily take things from shelves and replace them when they are done. This accessible shelf allows children to engage with appropriate toys and learning materials within their reach. Taller shelves can be used for materials for older children or to store books.

Recommended Shelf Height by Age

Height  # of Adjustable Shelves Ages
13" 0 6-18 Months
20" 1
1-3 Years
26" 1 3-5 Years
30" 1 4-9 Years
42" 2 8-12 Years
48" 2 10+ Years
60" 3 13+ Years

Assembly Video

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