Wave Wood Modern Bookcase
Wave Wood Modern Bookcase
Wave Wood Modern Bookcase
Wave Wood Modern Bookcase
Wave Wood Modern Bookcase
Wave Wood Modern Bookcase
Wave Wood Modern Bookcase

Wave Wood Modern Bookcase



Product Features

  • Original Sprout Wave Design
  • Less Than 10 Min Assembly
  • Compatible with Sprout Storage Bins (sold separately)
  • Space Saving Disassembly for Storage
  • Tension Lock Tool-less Technology
  • Sturdy Construction with Stabilizing Cords
  • Rounded Corners & Edges
  • 100% Baltic Birch Plywood - raw or finished
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  • Includes: (1) Cubby Shelf, (1) Wall Anchoring Kit & (2) Tensioning Cords
  • Assembled Dimensions: 58.3" W x 58.3" H x 12" D
  • Opening size: 10.25" x 10.25"
  • Capacity: 300 lbs - 30 lbs max /cubby
  • Materials: 5-Ply Baltic Birch Plywood - raw or finished
  • Assembly Instructions PDF

Not for outdoor use. Avoid contact with liquids. To clean wipe dust with a dry cloth. Bins sold separately.

Re-imagine the nature of shelving units with the 25 Cubby Wave Mid-Century Bookshelf in Baltic Birch. This unique wood shelf combines the principles of storage and style with exciting results. Decorating a small living space just got easier.

Make a statement by using your large wave cubby shelf to utilize a small space in a simple, practical and attractive way. It is the perfect thing to organize the living room, bedroom, play room, kids’ room, or nursery. The original wave design gives this mid-century shelf a distinctive character that says style and grace at the same time. Our compatible decorative storage bins are ideal to use together with the cubby bookcase to maximize the space in your small apartment or home.

The 25 Cubby Wave Mid-Century Bookshelf assembles easily in minutes with patented Sprout tension lock tool-less technology. It disassembles for storage just as simply, making it easy to transport wherever your family goes. The tension cord backing provides structure and stability. American made and eco-friendly, your family will love this new addition just as much as we do!

What is Baltic Birch?

Baltic birch is a very high-quality plywood has more layers than typical plywood making it much stronger. It is patched where there were knots. Our baltic birch is the one material not sourced from inside the USA: we get most of it from the Baltic Region of Europe.

What's the difference between Raw and Finished Baltic Birch?

The Raw Baltic Birch is unfinished - it's a pure wood surface.  The Finished Baltic Birch has a transparent, low-friction surfacing which gives it slightly more of a glossy, butterscotch color.  The main advantage to the Finished Baltic Birch is that it is easier to clean.   

Can I paint my purchased Raw Baltic Birch?

Yes, but there are a couple things to consider. First, it is not recommended to paint the inside of the joint slots - it will make it more difficult to assemble. Second, some paint will rub off as you assemble it. If you want to paint it, you may consider waiting until after it’s assembled.

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