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Stacking Crate Dividers



The stacking crate dividers are designed to fit perfectly with our caja modular crates for lots of storage and organization options. The dividers come in two sizes, tall and short. The short dividers fit with all sizes of the trays, and the tall dividers fit with all the larger crates. When you add dividers to your cube organizers, it splits the space into three equal storage compartments, with the ability to use or remove the dividers at will. 

 **Stacking Crates Sold Separately**


Q: What size of divider should I get for my crates?

A: Get the short dividers for trays, and the tall dividers for everything else.

Q: How many dividers should I purchase?

A: Each tray and cube takes two dividers with one exception. See below:

*** The "Stackable Wood Cube Storage Boxes" Assembled Size: 11" H x 14.820" W x 14.625" D takes only one divider.