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Modern Kids Table and Chairs

Modern Kids Table and Chairs

The Sprout modern kids table and chairs collection is perfect for kids. The set is designed specifically for the minds and bodies of children. With a set of these tables and chairs your refrigerator will quickly be covered in drawings. Your kids will be so excited to do crafts that you will wonder why the house is so quiet.

All of our furniture is designed to inspire your children’s’ creativity. That’s why our modern kids table and chairs come in a wide array of colors. The pieces are also interchangeable so you can mix and match.

Easy Assembly

One of the best things about our modern kids table and chairs is that they are incredibly easy to assemble. There are no tiny screws to lose or tools that you will have to dig out of the closet. With Sprout's patented Tension Lock technology your furniture will be up in no time. Just slide the pieces together and you’re ready to go. The table and chairs can also be easily taken down and packed flat for space saving storage.  This makes them easy to move and ideal if you need some extra floor space for an impromptu dance recital or wrestling match.

American Made

At Sprout we believe in investing in the future. That’s why we build furniture for children. That is also the reason why all Sprout products are made in the USA. We believe in giving back to our home economy so that our children and our children’s children can enjoy this great country and all of its freedoms.

Eco Friendly

Along with preserving our country we believe in preserving the environment. Sprout furniture is made from recycled materials designed to have a minimal impact on our surroundings.

The Sprout modern kids table and chairs are a perfect way to give your kids a great piece of furniture and preserve the world that they will grow up in.

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