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Great Colors for Modern Design

One of the best things about our furniture is that we offer a variety of colors sure to fit the design of any room! We love to use bright, but strong colors. These are usually colors that kids love but also make our furniture a great statement piece for a room. Out furniture comes in the awesome colors of green, orange, pink, white, and slate. So no matter the color scheme of your room we have a color for you. Whether you want a bright pink or a more subdued!

Green Kid's Furniture

Table and Chairs Set- GreenTox Box- Green

Orange Kid's Furniture

Rocking Chair and Stool- OrangeSprout Orange Night Stand

Pink Kid's Furniture

Kids Shoe Rack- Pink Kid's Chair (2 pack)- Pink 

White Kid's Furniture

Kid's Play Kitchen- WhiteWhale Chair

Slate Grey Kid's Furniture

Grey Kids Furniture by Sprout
All of our products come in a variety of colors- if you like the whale chair, but you're little girl wants pink we have that! Like the table and chairs set but your kid's room is more neutral, check out slate or white. Our products are made for kids but are designed with style in mind as well.

DIY Project for 1st birthday: Party ideas for boys | Paper Airplane and Hot Air Balloon

Birthday party ideas for boys are hard to come up with. Here is a fun DIY project to plan the themed birthday party for your favorite boy.

This birthday party theme is an “Up, up, and Away” theme. You can do this without spending a lot of money while still making it cute. For example, fun and affordable paper airplane and hot air balloons are easy DIY projects for a themed birthday party.

Paper Airplanes


  • Yarn or string
  • Paper in colors of your choice (I used red, white and blue - which isn't as patriotic looking as it sounds)
  • Stapler with staples

1. Fold paper airplanes by taking a regular 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and folding it in half (long ways or short ways works - I used both types in my streamers)

2. Turn the paper over so that the fold is up (like a tent)

3. Fold the top corners in to the center fold line so that the top of your paper is now a triangle

4. Fold the entire halfs of the paper in to the center fold line on both sides

5. Fold the entire halfs of the paper in to the center fold on both sides again

6. Flip your folds down so that you have a paper airplane. - I'm sure you could find a paper airplane folding tutorial online if you can't follow mine.

7. Slip the yarn inside one of the wings and staple the bottom part of the plane close to the wings so that it stays on

8. Repeat - making sure to use the same wing each time so your airplanes will be facing the wrong way.

9. Hang up - I am using mine for decorations at the party and then hanging them up in my son's room as decoration now that we have finally moved to a place where he has his own room instead of sleeping with us and in the kitchen at the ripe old age of 1!

Hot Air Balloon


  • Crate, box or basket (I borrowed a red storage crate from my parents)
  • Balloons
  • Bunting (I sewed mine out of a ribbon and old t-shirts)
  • Props -( I made a chalkboard and  aviator hats with goggles and brought my son's toy helicopter)
  • Blue Fabric or paper
  • Paper bag sand bags (Just crumple up some paper bags and stuff them full of paper and tie them shut)

1. Attach Bunting to create

2. Attach Balloons at all four corners

3. Tie Balloon together at the base of the balloons

4. Attach paper bag sand bags

5. Hang up fabric behind as a background

6. Take adorable pictures your party guests

Bunting Tutorial


  • Fabric (I used old t-shirts)
  • Ribbons (You don't need much depending on how long you want it- mine was only 3 feet or so)
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors

1. Cut your fabric into triangles (I measured mine to be 3 inches tall and have a base of 3 inches)

2. Line up your fabric with your ribbon and feed it through your machine (I found it looked the best when it was attached close to the bottom of the ribbons)

3. I used old t-shirts and I found they looked better as just one layer than when I tried to finish them off so I just left mine unfinished but you could hem or serge of zigzag stitch yours if you so desired.

4. Attach somewhere - I put mine on my hot air balloon photo booth but it would look cute on the wall or a crib too.

DIY Project by Karli Woodbury
Image Source: Kristen Lisa Photography , Karli 

How to assemble Sprout cardboard cubby bins: modern, american-made, and eco-friendly kid’s product

Sprout cardboard cubby bins offer a modern look for your kid’s room. These bins are simple, American-made, and practical design and are perfect for organizing books or toys. Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Yes, we believe in simplicity.

These bins are not only kid-friendly, but eco-friendly. Sprout cardboard is 100% recyclable and sourced from up to 35% recycled post consumer content. See our Materials page for more detail.

These bins provide easy three step instructions on the bin where kids aged 3+ can easily assemble them by themselves. You can also find the assembly instruction here.

Give them a try and have fun with them! (Product Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 10") 

Image Source: Kristen Lisa Photography 

Inspiring Olympic Athletes you can teach your children about.

 alt text

I don't know about you, but I love the Olympics! I love the national pride, the sportsmanship, the love and friendship you see between nations, and of course the awe inspiring athletic ability of these amazing athletes. I watch all of these overly talented people who do crazy things with their bodies and I can't help but think "what am I doing with my life? I'm so lame!" But even though I can't spin on ice with my knee touching my nose I have my own strengths. And even though I'll never be able to do a flip, whether on a snowboard or on a balance beam, that doesn't mean I can't take and/or teach lessons learned from the lives of these amazing Olympic athletes. These Olympic athletes are great role models for children and adults alike.

Missy Franklin

Missy Franklin

Missy Franklin was born in 1995 and is a dual citizen of Canada and America. Franklin has been swimming since she was 5 years old. She competed in her first international event when she was 14 years old and competed in the Olympics just 3 years later. Missy competed in 7 Olympic events in 2012, which is more than any other U.S. female swimmer in history.

Missy currently holds the world record in the 200-meter backstroke and various American records. Missy attended the 2012 Summer Olympics at the age of 17 and won 5 medals (4 gold & 1 bronze). While most successful Olympic athletes accept sponsors, endorsements, and prize money Missy doesn’t accept any of it. She loves competitive swimming so much she refuses payment in order to keep her “amateur” status in college so she can swim for UC Berkeley.  

Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens was the 10th of 10 children. As a young child he worked various jobs to support his family. He discovered that he loved to run but because he worked in his spare time he couldn’t attend track practice at his junior high. Jesse’s coach, Charles Riley, and who Jesse attributes his success to, allowed Jesse to practice before school instead of after. When Jesse was in high school he ran the 100-yard dash and long-jumped the same time and length of the world records of the time (9.4 seconds and 24’ 9.5” respectively).

Jesse competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics which were held in the “resurgent Nazi Germany”. Nazi propaganda promoted “Aryan racial superiority” which showed African Americans as inferior to their white teammates. Jesse Owens set the world record in long jump, which stood unbeaten for 25 years. Despite the racial perceptions that were against him both in Germany and America at the time, Jesse was the most successful athlete at the 1936 Summer Olympics after winning four gold medals.

Kerri Strug

Started competing as a gymnast when she was 8. When she was 13 she joined the US National Team and won a team bronze medal at the Barcelona Olympics when she was 14. She trained constantly during her teenage years in order to qualify for the 1996 Olympics. She made the team and was able to compete in her two strongest events- floor exercise and vault.

In 1996 the Russians had been the dominating team in gymnastics for decades and had never been won by the US. During the vault the US was in the lead but the Russians could easily have taken over the lead and won the gold again. During Kerri’s first vault she landed incorrectly which injured her ankle and because of the event and order in which she was vaulting she had to perform a second vault and land it in order for the US to win gold. Kerri successfully landed her second vault which guaranteed her team the gold medal. She was unable to walk to the podium to receive her medal and was carried by her coach. Because of her amazing performance through her serious injury she was a national sports hero.  

Wilma Rudolph

Wilma Rudolph

Wilma Rudolph was born in 1940 as the 20th child of 22. At the age of 4 Wilma got polio which caused infantile paralysis. She recovered but had to wear a brace on her left leg and foot until the age of 9 and then an orthopedic shoe for 2 more years. As a child Wilma also survived scarlet fever.

Despite her illnesses and handicaps of her childhood, Wilma was a natural athlete. Wilma played basketball and ran track for her high school and attended her first Olympic games in 1956 and won a bronze medal. At the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Wilma sprained her ankle during practice, but ran through the pain and during all of her races. At the 1960 Olympics in Rome Wilma won 3 Olympic gold medals and was considered internationally to be the fasted woman in the world. Wilma’s success promoted women’s track and also civil rights back in a racially divided America.


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