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Anchoring Furniture to Walls.

I grew up in Earthquake Country, Southern California. If you saw the recent movie with Dwayne Johnson called "San Andreas" then you have a glimpse into some of my worst fears. Obviously the movie was very "Hollywood" so you have to take it with a grain of salt.

Here's what's real though. . . furniture can fall over. When I was 5 I was lying on the floor watching "Duck-Tales" when an earthquake hit. On the wall next to me was one of my parent's bookcases, and as the earth jostled underneath us, the bookcase started to wobble. As they taught us in school, I ran for the nearest table, dove underneath, and assumed my best "duck and cover" position. . . right as the bookcase crashed down right where I had been sitting.

More recently at a family gathering I had to run to the aid of a teetering bookcase that was set in motion by kids jumping up and down. I've heard a horror story about a free standing 75" flat screen tv's falling on it's face; which isn't only dangerous but a major financial hit as well. Moral of the story - ANCHOR YOUR FURNITURE. 

To help keep you safe, we ship every one of our bookcases with wall anchoring kits. You can see instructions for how to install these anchors here. We settled on these anchors after researching many different types and styles. These are the perfect balance of ease of installation and strength. If you're more comfortable with a screw-gun and a hammer then there are a ton of options when it comes to anchoring. We don't care what you use, just use something. 

Anchor your furniture, keep your family safe, keep your furniture safe, and thanks for reading.

NEW! Modern Wave Bookcases Fresh from Sprout Labs

Wave Modern Bookshelf in White by Sprout

The New Wave Bookshelf is inspired by nature and adds a modern architectural element to any space. Get it in a range of sizes, colors, and finishes. Shop the Sprout Store to see more!

The wave pattern follows the shape of a sine wave, which is seen in ocean waves, sound waves and light waves.

The unique wave look is accomplished by repeating a sequence of just 4 different cuts of wood: 2 cuts for the vertical wave and 2 cuts for the horizontal wave.

Sprout Wave Modern Bookshelf Black

The waves are created by starting with piece 1, followed by piece 2, then an inverted piece 2 and an inverted piece 1. This pattern is repeated until the desired length or height of the shelves is reached.

To minimize waste, the curve of each pair of pieces match up, or nest, so they can be made from one rectangular piece of wood with one curved cut down the middle.

Sprout Tension Lock Tool-less Technology

The shelves feature patent pending tension lock technology, which cuts assembly time to less than 10 minutes and eliminates the need for any tools or hardware. These joints make it easy for the shelves to be disassembled, stored or moved, and reassembled without damaging them.

Sprout 49 Wave Modern Bookshelf White with Cable Supports

The cable support across the back of the shelves is inspired by modern architectural supports used in skyscrapers. It adds to the modern architectural look and provides maximum support while adding minimal weight.

Sprout 25 Cubby Wave Mid Century Bookcase in Baltic Birch

With Sprout Wave Modern Cubby Shelving units, you will always have a way to organize all the little necessities that come with having a family. When it comes to Sprout stylish organization, you just can't go wrong.

Sprout 49 Wave Modern Bookshelf White with Bins

Announcing the New Arrivals! Modern Bookcases, Fresh from Sprout Labs

We are so excited to introduce you to the new additions to our family of cubby bookcases. After much thought and effort, fresh out of Sprout labs come the NEW Sprout Modern Bookshelves.

These unique and trendy shelves come in a range of sizes, colors, and finishes, including the brand new Baltic Birch wood shelving units. Shop Sprout Cubby Bookcases to see more! Make the most of your space with shelving designed for style and organization.

The new additions to our Cubby Storage line offer a large amount of storage, and like our other storage furniture options, are meant to be used with our decrorative kids’ storage bins. You can use them to store books and clothes or fill the bins with art supplies and others. With so much space to put things, your kids’ rooms will always be neat and tidy.

Sprout tool-less technology also means that they are easy to assemble, and snap together so simply that even your child can help! The joints are sturdy enough to hold a great deal of weight, but they come apart with only a little effort. You can easily take them apart to move to another room, across town, or across the country.

Explore more kids storage furniture at Sprout-kids Furniture

Quick and Easy Kitchen Decoration


Looking for a simple way to liven up your kitchen? Try this easy DIY! What originally started as a way to distinguish between hand soap and dish soap turned into this classy, and stylish decoration. With just a couple of materials, you’ll not only find this project affordable, but quick and fun too! 



What you'll need: 

BESTÅENDE detergent dispenser from Ikea

-Masking tape


-Sharp tool (like a razor blade, nail file, or small blade)



1. Take your dispenser and put some tape down where you plan on carving your letters.

2. Draw out or stencil your design onto the tape.

3. With your sharp tool, go over the design outline on the tape. You want to make sure that you're carving through to the glass. Once you’ve finished, remove the tape.

4. You should now be able to see the outline scratched onto the soap dispenser. Take your sharp tool and scratch out the rest of the dispenser’s paint between the lines of the design.

5. Fill up your finished dispenser with some dish or hand soap.

6.  Once you’re done, your dispenser should look similar to this:

Now slam dunk that boring plastic soap bottle in the recycling bin, and replace it with your new and improved soap dispensers!
Not too shabby! Happy crafting!