Luce Shelf
Luce Shelf
Luce Shelf
Luce Shelf
Luce Shelf
Luce Shelf
Luce Shelf
Luce Shelf
Luce Shelf
Luce Shelf

Luce Shelf


In Italian, Luce means light, and these open, wooden, adjustable shelves were intentionally designed to maximize the natural light that emphasizes the learning materials. They evoke a homelike feeling while providing ample visibility and access. The shelves are modular and can be reconfigured into a variety of arrangements to meet the changing needs of your learners. If you're looking for an open, modular shelf that fits with any decor, then your search has reached it's conclusion!

Every Luce Shelf comes with a free Wall Anchoring Kit!

We also offer a "To Grow" and "Infant Shelf" option (with shorter 2-inch legs) for those who want a Luce that starts at an infant accessible level. This means that your Luce Shelf will be relevant and useful from the time your child crawls! As they grow they can access new levels of the shelf. You can also order the smaller legs separately below, as well as larger legs to customize your shelf!

Purchase Luce Shelf Leg Sets

If you're interested in the Luce Shelf but want further options to build a shelf from the ground up, you can buy shelves and legs separately below.

Purchase Luce Shelves À La Carte


Dimensions and Options

Shelving Units # of Shelves H W D
Low 40 2 22.5 39.33


High 40 3 31.5 39.33 14.5
60 / 40 2 18 59 14.5
60 / 40 / 20 3 31.5 59 14.5
60 / Double 40 3 31.5 59 14.5
Triple 60 3 31.5 59 14.5
60 Infant Shelf 2 16.5 59 14.5
60 to Grow 3 25.5 59 14.5


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