Developing literacy is about social connection and understanding. Storytelling is central to childcare in cultures all over the world because of its deep teaching value. Books are a powerful tool in telling stories, while helping them understand that ideas can be conveyed through images and later words. Because of the wide array of topics and situations covered in books, children will likely also widen their vocabulary beyond what would otherwise be expected, and can learn some things not easily learned from their own experiences. Reading together is also a great opportunity for emotional regulation and bonding with children. 

Literacy is one of many areas where many parents feel anxiety over their child's development or perceived lack thereof. At Sprout we believe that children, if given the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity, will generally develop at the pace and in the way right for them. Caregivers of children bear the responsibility for preparing an inviting environment that allows a child to pursue their interests, and children can take the initiative in the way that is best for them. We've provided some products and resources below for cultivating a love of reading in children.