Eco Friendly

Sprout strives to be an environmentally responsible designer and manufacturer of modern furniture. We take our impact on the environment seriously and work to use smart design to provide a quality product with minimal impact.

Sustainable Materials

We select materials that are sustainable sourced from the Northwestern United States. Our pre-consumer engineered woods are primarily harvested from forests in Oregon and Washington, both of productive forest lands. Oregon and Washington were pioneers in developing sustainable forestry practices dating back to the early 1900s. Strict laws now govern the harvesting and reforestation of federal, state, and private lands. Laws require that harvested lands are replanted and cared for to ensure that forests are strong and healthy for future generations.

Low Waste

Sprout modern furniture is designed to use resources as efficiently as possible. Early in the design process, yield is considered and product are designed to minimize scrap and waste. Parts are nested on CNC machines offering high yields.

Recycled Materials

Most sprout products are made from engineered wood products made from pre-consumer recycled materials.  In the past when logs were cut into lumber, the sawdust and fall off could not be used. The advent of engineered wood products such as fiberboard has made using all of this material possible.  The high strength and uniform material properties of fiberboard make it an excellent candidate for Sprout's Tension Lock Technology.

Sprout storage bins and packaging are made from up to 30% post consumer recycled material.  This mix of recycled material and new fiber offers an optimum strength material.


Sprout innovative packaging is designed to use the material where it is needed for protection and minimize material where it isn't needed. Our packaging uses primarily cardboard with little or no foam and is almost all recyclable. Cardboard bins can be recycled after their useful life.  

Reusable Furniture

A poorly designed product ends up having a greater impact on the environment because we have to buy more of it.  Sprout products are meant to be well used.  Because they are designed for easy assembly and disassembly, you don't need to buy a new bookcase every time you move.  Sprout parts are interchangeable and replaceable.  If you have a damaged part, there is no need to replace the entire unit.  Send us a request here.

Efficient Shipping

Sprout was designed with e-commerce in mind.  Our products are designed to ship as compactly as possible, reducing the energy and resources expended on transporting the product.  This results in a more eco friendly product and lower costs for you.

Low Emissions and Off-Gassing

Sprout furniture products are made from CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant materials.  CARB regulates the emissions of some chemicals in fiberboard such as MDF.  Current regulations require emissions of formaldehyde to be be less than 0.11 parts per million (less than 0.000011%).  All MDF used in Sprout products complies with or exceeds these standards and is manufactured in USA. 

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