By teaching your child simple acts of self-care, you can show the importance of taking care of yourself. Practical life activities are major opportunities for your child to learn. It might be faster to do certain care activities for them, but by allowing your child to do it themselves you are giving them the opportunity to grow in both independence and self-confidence. It can help to think of this period where they learn as an investment for all the skills and self-assurance they can develop over time! Caregivers need to give them space to problem solve and assess what their needs are, and then have an environment prepared for them to carry out those needs.

Self-care can be:
Physical-hand washing, dressing/undressing, brushing of hair, preparing food, using a tissue, resting when needed
Emotional- recognize and identify feelings, confidence, healthy self-esteem, practice gratitude, positive affirmations
Mental- trying things that are a challenge, setting boundaries, deep breaths, following a routine

For your child to be able to problem solve and assess their needs, they need time to practice and any materials they might need to be within their reach. You can invite children to hone their physical coordination and decision-making skills while promoting their sense of independence through self-care.

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