Here at Sprout, we believe in creating spaces that foster creativity, independence & resilience.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” -Einstein
We all want our children to be creative thinkers. We know there are many benefits like problem-solving skills and self-expression when we allow children to develop their creative abilities, but it can be challenging to know how to best nurture their individual creativity. An environment prepared with appropriate materials and a sense of order can naturally invite children to create.

You can model to your little ones by being creative with them in everyday moments. We believe it is a privilege to observe their exploration as children are learning the ins and outs of life; every day they are learning new facts, nuances, skills, and how capable they truly are.


What ways do you provide for your children to work independently? Children have an innate desire to pursue their curiosities when they arise. We believe giving children space to independently explore shows we value their desires and trust them. Being able to reach shelves, materials, or clothes independently can lead to confidence and a sense of self.

One of the simplest ways to foster independence and help develop critical thinking skills is by allowing ownership of decisions. You can guide their choices by presenting options, allowing them freedom, but within limits. This freedom can empower your child and promote their budding independence.


Resilience is what will make an individual persevere despite any obstacles they might face. You can help your child on their resilience journey by modeling resilience and a growth mindset yourself. When you teach children to love challenges and be intrigued by mistakes they become lifelong learners. Allowing our children to feel frustration, struggle, and even to fail can teach them how to not do something, which can be just as powerful as learning how to do something. This gives them the space to apply maximum effort and build their problem-solving skills.

I will forever be grateful for the gift of childhood my mother and father sacrificed to give me. Their consistent love, quiet confidence, steady examples and modest surroundings provided an ideal environment for growth. The foundation I gained in those early years has served as a base for the confidence to creatively and curiously continue through the unexpected challenges of life.

My own experience as a father has been one of the most stretching yet fulfilling experiences I have been given. While I don’t look forward to long nights, days that try my patience, or regular clean up of just about everything, I wouldn’t trade them for the relationship I have with each of my children. I consider it one of life's greatest blessings to be trusted by my little ones and witness the miracle of childhood.

We are glad you're here! The journey of parenthood offers so many opportunities for growth. We hope the resources we work to create might support you in your adventure. We are grateful for every sacrifice made in behalf of a child.

Clark Davis, Founder