Proper Use and Cleaning of your Sprout Resources

Our finish is a clear UV cured finish that allows you to see the natural wood grain in the materials we use, but it is not indestructibleProducts with laminate will provide a little more durability but will still need to be cared for properly. With considerate care, use, and cleaning, your Sprout resources are meant to be used for many, many years! 

Care and cleaning

Clean your table with a damp cloth and be sure to wipe it dry. If that doesn't work, a mixture of vinegar and water and scrubbing (and wiping dry) are recommended.
When an activity is done, clean the table immediately. Do not let materials sit and dry on the table.

We recommend:

  • NO CLOROX WIPES- This eats away the finish
  • NO abrasive cleaners. Think- if you wouldn’t wash your hands with this, don’t use it on the table
  • No magic erasers
  • Never steel wool!
  • No abrasive brushes- Use a sponge, cloths, paper towels, etc
  • If you want to use a spray cleaner, be sure it is gentle and is only used after trying warm water or vinegar.
  • We do not recommend letting your child use ballpoint pens with their Sprout furniture- it is difficult to clean off and with that much scrubbing, you might damage the finish.

Wood is a natural material. It can absorb water and color which might warp and discolor your tabletop. Be careful with water activities and play dough. When you will be doing a water-based activity or a craft material with intense colors, use a protective covering to protect the surface.

Keep in mind that improper use, care, and cleaning will void your warranty. 

Some items that might help

Here are some options for protective coverings for your table for watercolor or play dough, or vivid color activities:

  • Acrylic trays
  • A protective mat or placemat
  • Silicone mat
  • Towels, paper towels

Keep in mind the exact dimensions of the weaning table top is 19.5” x 29.5” with rounded corners.

Some options:


Acrylic Trays, Protective Leather Mat

Cloth/Plastic Placemat, Silicone Placemat

[we do not get any kickbacks on sharing these, they are genuine suggestions to protect your furniture]




Reach out to our support team with any questions: