'The thought of her getting lost in her creations on her own without my help to get this or that makes my heart swell.'

In our experience, independent creative work can bring about the most impactful moments of childhood. When people invent and discover, they feel fulfilled and capable, no matter the age. Our hope is that the MakerWall will facilitate the creation of spaces that promote creative activity; a place to work, explore, and grow. An area dedicated to creative work not only allows it to occur, but invites it.

Designed For Growth

Work can be done anywhere, but it’s hard to underestimate the added productivity that a personalized workspace can bring. We hope that by providing you the power to customize your space with a large variety of attachments, you can make sure your resources are visually where you need them, and that tidying up is quick and simple. Since the slotboard is completely reconfigurable with little effort, you can also transform the arrangement as needs change. Making sure the installation is completely off the floor saves space and mess, and the natural wood aesthetic can create a sense of calmness that comes with natural environments.


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Frequently Asked Questions


If I place my order now, when will I get my MakerWall?

Lead times are on each product page, and your expected lead time will be in your confirmation email. Lead times represent the time needed to process and produce, at the end of which time products are shipped. Shipping times with carriers can vary between 2-7 business days.


What tools are needed for installation?

Tools needed for installation are a power drill, tape measure (included), pencil, and drivers (included) for the various hardware (included).

Tools helpful for installation are a stud finder, level (included), 3/16” Drill Bit (included), and Pin Nail (included).

What if I need to hire a handyman?

We will be working to provide a detailed description of the process so that you can get a fair quote from your local handyman.

What if my walls are not flat or plumb?

The backboard will be made out of 9mm Baltic birch plywood (about 3/8 in). As such, it is lightweight and bendable, and should be able to bend to match almost any wall.

What if there is a power outlet in the way of where I want to install my backboard?

The MakerWall will need to be installed above or to the side of the outlet.

How do I ensure a secure installation?

We recommend that each batten be securely screwed into at least two studs. There are a few key indicators that this has been successfully accomplished that we will include with the installation instructions.

How high should I install the backboard above the ground?

The installation height can be determined using a few simple principles, an explanation of which we will include with the installation instructions.

Care & Upkeep

How do I clean my slotboard set?

For finished surfaces, we recommend a slightly damp cloth and a mild cleaner. For unfinished edges, we recommend using 220 grit sandpaper.

What will happen if my child climbs up my slotboard set?

We understand that children love to explore their environment. As such, in addition to ensuring a secure installation, each attachment is designed to strength requirements that acknowledge this reality. The maximum weight capacities will be clearly messaged at the time of purchase, and will be included with the installation guide.

What if I get water on my slotboard set?

Wood, by its very nature, is designed to suck up water. In order to be able to offer the Slotboard Creative Space at an accessible price, we are not finishing the edges with a waterproof finish, but are instead sanding all touchable edges to a smooth burnish. As such, we do not recommend using water on your Slotboard Creative Space.

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