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Bringing your little chef to counter-level.

This Montessori step stool emphasizes accessibility and independence for children. It’s a great tool to involve your child in the everyday work of the household.

It is tall but sturdy like a tower, with tapered legs that give it a solid foundation without taking up too much space. An adjustable platform makes it appropriate for a wide variety of ages, so your little one can use it for years to come.

Small footprint
Adjustable height
Independent use


  • Adjustable platform with 3 heights for standing flat
  • Easy to climb steps with grip tape
  • Tapered design for additional stability
  • Handles for easy movement and entry for children
  • Removable dowel that pops into place
  • Easy tool-less assembly and disassembly
  • Solid sides that reduce climbing onto the counter
  • Beautiful birch ply construction
  • Finished for easy cleaning
  • Narrow platform gaps for easier cleaning
  • Guard Plate for children under 32" height
  • Made in the USA

Weight & Dimensions

  • Base: 34.5" H x 17.5" W x 17.5" D
  • Top: 10.5" W x 10"D (inside dimensions)
  • Weight: 20 LBS
  • Adjustable Platform Heights are 12.5", 15.5", and 18.5"


  • Baltic birch plywood
  • Soft maple dowels
  • Clear water-based finish
  • Melamine coating (White Toddler Tower)

Safe & Effective Use

The Sous-Chef Toddler Tower has been designed and re-designed to maximize safety. Parents can make the best calls about their children’s needs and capabilities, so always have adult supervision when the product is in use. This will enable you to step in if your child is misusing the Toddler Tower. Examples of misuse are rocking the Tower, climbing on the sides, or climbing up through the top onto other surfaces (like a counter). The weight limit is 150 lbs.









As a general rule, if your child’s bellybutton is above the top of the Tower’s sides, you should lower the standing platform. If you are using the tallest platform setting, we recommend the optional guard plate to minimize risk, though you are also free to use it on any setting. For added safety with the youngest users, try turning the Tower around after they climb in, to prevent falling out of any kind.


when can my child start using the tower?

Many wait to introduce the Toddler Tower until their child is stable on their feet when holding onto something.

when should my child stop using the tower?

We recommend moving on to something else once your child’s bellybutton is above the sides when on the lowest setting.

Does the tower tip easily since it’s narrower?

This Tower is stable despite its small footprint. When tested, the Tower could be tilted to a 14 degree angle with 50 lbs hanging from the side before tipping.


Meet the toddler tower team

Get to know the people that work behind the scenes to make the Toddler Tower you love.
Mom and tree hugger, Danica heads the Sprout marketing team.
Danica Hall
Director of Marketing
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A Value Grade Version of the Sous-Chef Toddler Tower may be available at a lower price.

Toddler Towers in Action

"Our little one's favorite activity is to drag the tower by the window to watch the world outside. It's now become his favorite activity since we started practicing social distancing"



"I appreciate its ability to move around easily and it’s so aesthetically pleasing. I borrowed another tower before this purchase that was gigantic, heavy, and I tripped on it constantly. It was SO hard to move around. I absolutely love the slim and beautiful design of this tower and I often tell people that it is one of my top purchases that I stand by 10000%."


Child: 21 months

"For me, practical life activities are the soul of the Montessori method, and there’s no better place than the kitchen to try them. We set everything up by measuring and placing ingredients in small containers. She loves to pour, so we use small pitchers and glasses. Her Tower allows her to be part of the process, but still be independent."



"The solid sides and added safety bar are the reasons I ultimately chose the Sous-Chef Toddler Tower over other brands. I felt that Sprout Kids really had my toddler's safety in mind when designing the product."


Child: 23 months

"My mama heart was full watching the joy and excitement radiate from Winry as she made chocolate chip cookies for the first time. We absolutely love the Tower and how it gives her the opportunity to actively participate and explore while I cook, bake, and even clean dishes in the kitchen."



"First of all, it was so incredibly easy to assemble. Then, as soon as I put it in the kitchen, my toddler was able to immediately figure it out. To me that was everything. My toddler can be included in more activities in our home now. Priceless."



"My babe uses it every single day, it’s the first place she roams to after waking up. She eats, paints, helps cook, plays at the counter while we all socialize in the kitchen, she hides in it, she goes there to have a good cry, she dances in it, she pushes it from place to place."


Child: 2.5 years

Q & A with Allison

A parent of 3 offers draws on her family’s lived experiences to answer common Toddler Tower questions.
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