Weaning Chair & Table Set

Adjustable heights to meet your child's needs

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From Our Customers

Wooden Kid's Table & Chairs $165.00

"It is super adorable, super easy to put it together, and I felt like price was very nice too! I'm so thankful they made our day special. I highly recommend Sprout and specifically the table and chairs sets!"

- Randi

Mama to two sweet boys

Montessori Weaning Chair and Table Set $130.00

"Best purchase ever! My daughter loves it:) thank you."

- Veronica


Sous-Chef Toddler Tower $169.00

"Our daughter loves being able to reach the counter to help with tasks, do the dishes, watch us cook, or eat a snack. It’s also great for the days when she just won’t cooperate and wants to stand at the table. We just slide this up and she can stand to eat and we’re all happy!"

- Zach


Cube Shelves

Organize any room with functional, mid-century beauty

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From our Customers

Montessori Floor Bed $225.00

"The three main things we love about the floor bed design was its quality, the autonomy it provides our daughter, and most importantly how they made it safe with the curves on every corner."

- Marielle


Montessori Infant Shelf $89.95

"We love our Sprout Infant Shelf. It's the perfect height and looks beautiful in Otto's Montesssori inspired bedroom!"

- Kylie


Wovewood Basket $25.00

"They’re gorgeous; sleek but not boring in their sleekness. I like the natural materials and the stained colors, and that they don’t require tools for assembly."

- Melissa Esplin

Calligraphy Artist & Mother of 3

Sous-Chef Toddler Tower

Bring the world to your child's level

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Montessori Floor Bed

Give your child accessibility & freedom that grows with them

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Climbing Triangle

Staying in? Promote physical exercise and development in the safety of your home.

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Alba Montessori Wardrobe

Instill a sense of independence & order in your child

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