Lexico Book Display Shelf

Lexico Book Display Shelf

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How it works

Make reading an attractive aspect of your home! Display your books with covers out to encourage reading and literacy in children. Younger children can easily choose what books they want to hear, and as they grow it will be simpler for them to choose what they want to read. Angled shelves make the books easy to peruse while keeping them in place, and the second shelf on both models is adjustable so different depth books can fit securely! You can also store extra books in our Lexico Book Shelf and rotate in books over time to increase interest for your child. Make reading a more consistent aspect of your home life with a shelf designed specifically with that in mind!

The Lexico Book Display Shelf is easily assembled with your two hands--no tools necessary.

Comes with a free Wall Anchoring Kit!

Made in the USA from Baltic birch.

Small Variant: 23" Tall x 30" Wide x 9" Deep - 3 Tiers
Large Variant: 30" Tall x 46" Wide x 11.5" Deep - 4 Tiers


Depending on book size, the Small Lexico (30") can hold about 6-12 books and the Large Lexico (46") can hold about 9-20 books!


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We love the Lexico Book Display Shelf. I had been looking for a book display for a long time so I was excited to see Sprout was making one. My daughter loves her books and has many, so having a special space for her to see her books was necessary. I love the quality of the shelf and I see it being an essential furniture piece for my daughter for many years to come.

" Our Lexico Book Display Shelf is indeed the best Montessori-inspired furniture we’ve added in our reading area in the playroom. It’s perfect for our growing toddler for so many reasons! It enables him to easily reach and choose which book he would like to read. All sizes of books, from the tiniest to largest, fits and are fully visible on the shelf for him. Also, it was easy to assemble without needing any tools and makes the room look classy! This surely is a must for every reading area!"




We loooooove our bookshelf! Before we had this bookshelf my daughter was always asking for books that she couldn’t reach and we also read the same book over and over again because she couldn’t see all the books she had! Now she can see all her books in one spot and get them herself!

"I love our new Lexico Book Display Shelf from Sprout! I am an early childhood educator and reading has always been a top priority for me. I love books and I’m so excited to share my love of reading with my son! An open bookshelf was at the top of my list for his room, and now that he’s here (3.5 months old) we spend a lot of time in his room reading already! I love that he can see the cover of each book and when he’s older he’ll be able to easily pick out his favorites for story time! Setup was a breeze and the quality is top notch, which is why all of my son’s furniture is from Sprout! "




The Lexico Book Display Shelf has proven to be a real gem. I was on the lookout for quite some time for a bookcase that was the right fit, and I’m so glad I came across the Lexico! It’s appropriately sized for our toddler’s room, it’s at my son’s eye level, and it’s the perfect size for his reading needs (we got the small). Like all other Sprout products, the quality is great, and the esthetics pleasing.


We purchased this bookshelf a few months back and are very satisfied! The quality of the wood is really great, it has a nice finish that will protect the wood against inevitable supply cup spills. It holds just the right amount of books. I like to rotate them every week or so to mix up the selection. It’s the perfect height and my son has fun sitting and selecting books for himself. The bookshelf was easy to assemble, however I needed my husband‘s strength to secure the pieces. Overall very happy and highly recommend!

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