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A bed that suits the needs of your child can be a source of independence and self-assurance. A bed that can GROW with your child can act as a pillar of consistency as their bodies and capabilities are constantly changing.

The Sosta Bed can be helpful for:

  • Co-sleeping
  • Montessori homes
  • Room sharing (bunk configuration coming 2023!)
  • Transitioning from a crib
  • Older children & even adults 

The Sosta Bed provides the foundation for a sleeping environment that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of your child, at any stage. It has many twin-sized configurations that can suit your child's needs and capabilities. Loft and Bunk configurations will be available in 2023! 

With a weight capacity that can hold adults as you tuck your child in, it can also grow with your child through adolescence and even into adulthood. Rest easy knowing your child's bed is made of 100% Solid Oak grown in the Northern United States with no MDF or binders!

Start as minimally as desired, and add additional features to meet the needs of your family over time. 

    Grows with your child
    Strong enough to hold adults
    American made and sourced


    • Customizable to your needs
    • Additional options can be purchased as needed
    • Accessible to small children
    • Strong enough for co-sleeping (400-pound weight limit with a mattress)
    • Lifted for ventilation
    • Extra safety options
    • Reduce the need to replace furniture as children grow
    • Made and sourced in the USA

    Features Coming 2023

    • Bunk Configuration
    • Loft Configuration
    • End Entrance

    Weight, Dimensions & Materials

    Weight limit

    400 lbs laying or sitting on the bed with a mattress (we wouldn't recommend 400 lbs jumping on the bed!)


    This is a twin-size frame. Dimensions vary based on configuration.

    • Platform: 75" L x 38" W x 2.75" H
    • Platform with Rails: 78.5" L x 40.5" W x 15.75" H 
    • Headboard: 38.5 W x 18.75" H
    • Legs: 9.25" H (increased height of the platform with the legs)
    • Rail Slats: 2.75" wide and .5" apart
    • Slat roll on the platform: each slat is 2 7/8 inches apart. There are 18 slats across the length of the bed.


    American-grown, solid wood Oak. Made with no MDF or binders

    Clear water-based finish (low in VOC content and is UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions)

    Black plated steel brackets & screws

    Safe & effective use

    Every child is different. We encourage you to observe and adapt your child’s space based on their unique abilities and needs

    Until you observe your child and have a better understanding of their abilities with the bed, we recommend a 12-inch distance from the wall when just the platform is in use. When side rails are added, we encourage they be within 1 inch of the wall. These recommendations are to avoid the entrapment of your child between the wall and bed frame. 

    Sprout side rails, headboards, and footboards meet the ASTM Full-size Crib guidelines found in F1169-19.

    Mattress Information

    We recommend a twin-size mattress between 6-8 inches thick.


    Will the Sosta Bed be available in Full Size?

    We hope to make a Full size version of the Sosta bed in 2023!

    At what age should I transition my child to a floor/toddler bed?

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) advises beds “intended to provide free access and egress to a child not less than 15 months of age.” These regulations prevent companies from selling beds that are not entirely enclosed as products for children under 15 months. Many families choose to switch their child earlier than 15 months while others choose to wait. We believe that you'll know what's best for your child. You know how your child sleeps, how their room is set up, what they'll need to grow and what you're comfortable with. Every child is different. We encourage you to observe and adapt your child’s space based off of their unique abilities and needs.

    Do I have to buy the bed in a bundle or can I buy pieces later a la carte?

    A La Carte items, where you can buy pieces as you need them, will be available early 2023. If your desired configuration is not shown, order the closest configuration and contact support at for assistance.

    Is there enough room to lie down with my child? Can the bed handle the weight of an adult?

    The frame fits a standard twin size mattress and has a weight limit of 400 pounds laying or sitting on the bed with a mattress.

    Assembly Help

    Assembly instructions are included and an assembly video is coming soon. Reach out to if you need assistance!

    Meet the Sosta Bed team!

    Half extroverted people-person, half introverted dreamer, Paul loves supervising the Sprout Design Team.
    Paul Schmidt
    Design Supervisor
    Plant mom and embroidery enthusiast, Avery is the go-to designer for most of Sprout's school products.
    Avery Meanea
    Mom and tree hugger, Danica heads the Sprout marketing team.
    Danica Hall
    Director of Marketing

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