Montessori Birch Floor Bed

Color - Finished Birch

Freedom of movement for little sleepers.

Low beds are a great way to encourage autonomy and freedom in the early developmental stages of your child’s life. With the Birch Montessori Floor Bed, they can enter and leave when they feel the need, letting them regulate their sleep according to their body's needs. This independence helps them learn about physical boundaries and develop spatial awareness while staying safe thanks to the bed's low height. Plus, the frame lifts the mattress from the ground to stop mildew from growing!

Holds adults
Accessible to small children

Bed Sides

1 Low + 1 High side is for beds arranged with a side against the wall. Put the high side next to the wall to help prevent wedging for babies who roll in their sleep, but aren't yet mobile enough to right themselves. If you arrange your bed with the head against the wall instead of a side, we recommend two Low Sides.
2 Low Sides is ideal for beds arranged with the head against a wall. The Low Side has a wide entry point that goes along the entire side of the bed. Mobile infants and toddlers will be able to climb in and out of bed safely in order to engage with their surroundings. This gives them the autonomy to play when they want to and put themselves to bed when they grow tired.

Scooped sides shorten the entry point for crawling infants to climb off and on. Under observation, infants can safely lay on the floor bed with an unobstructed view of the entire room, preparing them for mobility when they’ll be able to explore freely. Montessori encourages the placement of visually engaging elements such as mobiles and pictures within the baby’s eye-line, which are to be hung above and around the bed.

The Scoop Right Side has a high section on the left side and a the scooped entrance on the right side. The child will sleep with their head at the high side with the feet by the scooped entrance.
The Scoop Left Side has a high section on the right side and a the scooped entrance on the left side. The child will sleep with their head at the high side with the feet by the scooped entrance.
Flip the bed frame upside down to make a platform bed for taller children. As children grow older and are ready for a taller "big kid" bed this side gives added height. Depending on the size of the mattress, this side can last children through their teenage years.


  • Long-lasting with quality materials and the ability to flip
  • Easily store for the next child/ pack flat to move or ship
  • Tool-less assembly
  • Finished smooth with no-VOC, UV-cured finish (safe for children and for the environment)
  • Made from durable, beautiful Baltic Birch
  • Rigorous safety testing
  • 250 lb weight capacity
  • Less than 15-minute assembly
  • Manufactured and designed in the USA


Full-size Crib / Toddler Frame
Overall: 54"L x 29"W x 11"H
Mattress: 52"L x 28"W

Twin Frame
Overall: 77"L x 40"W x 12"H
Mattress: 75"L x 38"W

Full-size Frame 
Overall: 77"L x 55"W x 12"H
Mattress: 75"L x 53"W

Safe & Effective Use

It is important for infants to have space to right themselves after rolling off the bed. For children under 18 months, do not place Low Side or Scoop Side closer than 12" away from the wall.

The High Side should be less than 1.5" or greater than 12" away from the wall. This will either prevent children from getting stuck or give them space to right themselves.

Our customers have found the following tips helpful in making their children's rooms safe and conducive to sleep with the Floor Bed:

  • Secure all furniture
  • Keep the bedroom minimal
  • Put something on the floor to cushion fall (body pillow, foam play mat, sheepskin, folded blanket)
  • Remove distracting toys
  • Use short curtains
  • Cover outlets
  • Switch the door lock around or use a baby gate
  • Use a baby monitor with a video

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Mattress Information

We recommend a mattress thickness of 4-8 inches. The twin-size mattress pictured is 6 inches thick. This product does not include the mattress.


How can I help my child make the transition to a floor bed?

Read community feedback about their experiences transitioning to a floor bed as well as a sleep expert's advice below.

Assembly Help


Additional bed frame sides can help extend the lifespan of your bed so it works for your child through all developmental stages.

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