Find Joy in the 'Ordinary'

Find Joy in the 'Ordinary'

Find Joy in the 'Ordinary'

I think it is safe to say we all want optimistic/hopeful/positive/grateful children. How is this taught? How can we train their minds to see the good in the world?
When we teach our children to think in positive ways from a young age, they will have a much greater chance of leading happy, healthy, and successful lives as they develop.
National Deviled Eggs Day
One of the very best ways to teach your child anything is by modeling behavior. So the best way to have a positive child is to be a positive parent! Being positive (no matter the situation) can show your children that you believe in them and their abilities.  
One of the ways to model this is by complimenting them! When you show your child how much good you see in them and the world around them, they will begin to see it themselves. Don't forget to be specific in your compliments! This shows that you truly see them and what they are working on. Remember that Maria Montessori said that "Play is the work of a child."
National Homemade Bread Day
By modeling a positive response to every situation, you are showing your littles how to deal with potentially challenging situations in a more beneficial way. We know this can be difficult at times, especially when they are being troublemakers! Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a step away or take a deep breath before responding. This models self control. While we know we are all lifelong learners of self control, it is best to start early!
Being positive doesn't mean that we dismiss the negative things that happen. Less than ideal things happen and it is good to allow them to see that. You should  try to explain your feelings simply and also ask them how they feel about hard things. It is important to validate their feelings! The key is in how you show them to respond. You can show them that being a person who finds solutions to problems will make them happier than complaining. 
National Doughnut Day
Another way to teach positivity is to find ways to celebrate the ‘ordinary’. We have recently been sharing random holidays to our stories to share the opportunity to celebrate the things we tend to look at as just normal. This teaches gratitude! This is one way to help them to find things to be thankful for each day.
National Eggnog Day
In case you’ve missed it, we share the random holidays of the week every Monday morning on our Instagram stories. Join in the celebration with us! Tag us in your random holiday activities, we love to see what our creative customers do! 
We have loved the participation we have experienced so far, with customers sharing them celebrating National Doughnut Day, National Popcorn Day, National Snowflake Appreciation Day, National Twin Day and more! 
National Sandwich Day
Do you have examples of more ways that you teach your children to think positively and to be grateful? We would love to hear how else you foster these skills. Share with us below!
National Gingerbread Cookie Day


  • I thought you’d just made up these "national xyz days’ to celebrate the ordinary, but I Googled and turns out they’re real! How cool is that! Now to find a calendar with all of the national days everywhere for some activity inspiration!

    Francoise on

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