How the Montessori Floor Bed Promotes Independence in Your Child

How the Montessori Floor Bed Promotes Independence in Your Child

How the Montessori Floor Bed Promotes Independence in Your Child

If you've heard of or seen a floor bed, you may wonder what sets it apart from other beds.

Our friend Theresa from @MontessoriInRealLife explains the pedagogical purpose behind the floor bed:

One phrase you might frequently hear about in Montessori is the “prepared environment”. The purpose of the Montessori prepared environment is to promote independence, respect, and freedom of movement. In Montessori, the prepared environment begins at birth.

One traditional component of this environment is the floor bed.
Floor beds promote independence in that babies and toddlers have free reign of their entire (baby-proofed) bedroom, rather than confined to a crib. This allows them to play with quiet toys and books as they wind down before sleep and upon waking up. Floor beds also promote freedom within limits.

While they have more space to explore, they also learn the boundaries of that freedom.

Floor beds require parents to set clear expectations surrounding bedtime and sleep, which gives the child a sense of security and trust. Simultaneously, they allow for tuck-ins and cuddles at the child’s level, promoting love and comfort. 

What we have to say about Floor Beds

You have heard of traditional child sleeping arrangements which can be expensive and transition heavy. Some parents switch their child from bassinet to crib to toddler bed to twin size bed to a full bed in a matter of years! This expensive process requires time-intensive purchase decisions and forces a young child to adapt to unnecessary change. 

There is a simple solution—The Montessori Floor Bed. This bed maintains consistency with children as they grow up and is designed to fit your child’s lifestyle up until they leave for college. Our Baltic Birch bed frame is made of durable materials so that parents can sleep easily because their child is sleeping safely. Sprout builds sturdy and safe furniture that is built to last through the most important formative years.

The benefits of our Montessori Floor Bed align with the teachings of Maria Montessori. The low height gives children access to their bed which allows them to self-regulate their sleep. This puts trust in them knowing their body and gives your child independence which leads to your child having self-confidence. Home is the best place to introduce the space to develop an understanding of themselves and the floor bed helps turn their bedroom into a learning environment. 

As the child grows up, our floor bed can be flipped to stand on feet as a raised bed that is a few inches above the ground. The additional space under the floor bed can be utilized for storing toys, shoes, or clothes. The flippable nature of the floor bed acknowledges the individual needs of each child.


Some Montessori families choose to integrate the floor bed from infancy by setting a rug and pillows on the ground to soften the floor beside the bed. Safety guidelines recommend setting the low side of the bed at least twelve inches away from the wall. This ensures that a child will have space to right themselves after they roll off the bed. The high side of the floor bed should be less than one and a half inches away from the wall. To err on the side of caution, regulations recommend to wait until 18 months to introduce the floor bed. 

The floor bed is designed for children with the needs of parents in mind. The 250-pound weight capacity allows both parent and child to easily cuddle in bed. Bedtime stories just got much more comfortable for everyone!
The Modern Baltic Birch finish compliments any living space. Both a bright toddler’s space or a mature child’s personal room can be styled with the floor bed.

Make your home your child’s primary learning environment when you purchase the Montessori Floor Bed today. 

Sprout sells the Montessori Floor Bed in a crib, twin, and full size. Find it here, with the option to choose two low sides or one high side, one low side. As of September 2020, we are temporarily limiting sales and the twin size bed with two low sides or one high one low side are the ones that are currently available. 

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For help with your floor bed, find our assembly instructions here.
Here is a video tutorial on how to assemble the bed.

Real Reviews from Real Customers!

"I love seeing my son fall asleep with his toys around him. It reminds me of college when I would fall asleep on the ground when studying, with books stacked around me. Play is his work and I’m thankful for a room that allows him the independence for unstructured play before and after naptime."  - Nathalie @nathalieruthlu 
"We skipped the crib and incorporated the floor bed into our son's bedroom to allow him to observe, explore, and learn through his environment as Montessori principles discuss as he continues to grow. The design, functionality, and craftsmanship of this floor bed were exactly what we were looking for!" -Mariah, @babygeruvian
"I spent hours researching a big boy bed for my 18-month-old toddler that would give him the independence he needed while keeping him safe. I purchased the Sprout Kids Montessori Floor bed, as I loved its simple clean lines and set it up within 20 minutes. My son has been sleeping there ever since, and it has by far been the easiest transition we have experienced during this toddlerhood phase. We both couldn’t be happier!" -Ellen, @ellenraereid
 "We looked all over for elegantly simple and sturdy low beds that would complement the mural I was painting in our children's bedroom. We purchased the crib and twin versions and appreciate that they can be flipped to give us more options. The whole family loves these beds and we're happy to support a company crafting solid wood products domestically. There was minimal packaging and they arrived quickly in perfect condition. The beds were pretty easy to assemble and I am confident they will hold up well over time." -Julia, @juliawhitneybarnes

"Since Nino was a one-year-old he has been sleeping on a floor bed in his room. It’s magical to see his freedom to explore the environment with all the possibilities he needs to blossom and develop. We love this bed frame” -Ester, @esterscotti_



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