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With uncertainty and worry abroad during this outbreak of COVID-19, we want you, our supporters, to know how much we love and appreciate you! We hope everyone stays well, and want to provide as much support as we can. In our search for ways to give back and provide encouragement, we have teamed up with our friend and artist, Kate Meldau Cummings (@k8meld), for a creative activity to help families all over!

Kate is currently home with her 4 kids as they adapt to the new home-centered lifestyle. With libraries closed, the kids are home looking for engaging activities to participate in. Kate worked closely with Clark to make our unique Sprout packing tape recently, which is patterned with drawings of inclusive activities, household items, and Sprout products. We decided to reach out to her to make some coloring pages in the same style. You can download and print our simpler page and/or our more complex one.

Similar to our packing tape pattern, analyzing the pictures in details yields a lot of depth. There are some drawings that feed into each other and tell a narrative--like strawberries that are planted, grow, and sliced for eating, or the baking of cinnamon rolls. You can use these images to start a conversation about the consumption process and the interconnectedness of all things, commonly referred to as “Cosmic Education.” Plus, these coloring pages provide a fun, safe way to engage your child’s creativity and focus while staying inside. There are numerous developmental benefits of coloring: improved motor skills, spatial awareness, self-expression, hand-eye coordination, and more! We hope these coloring pages ease the difficulties of this quarantine time for you and your family--




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  • Cute! Thanks for something sweet to pass along to our families.

    Dominique Bjorlin on

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