American-Made to Better Help You

American-Made to Better Help You

American-Made to Better Help You

Despite the conventional wisdom of moving manufacturing overseas, Sprout decided to to remain entirely based in the U.S.

Listen to our CEO, Clark Davis, as he shares insights about why we choose to design and manufacture in Provo, Utah!

Let us know why local manufacturing is important to you too--





  • Thank you for creating and producing safe, family-friendly, and beautiful items for my grandchildren – and you are doing it right here in America. Thanks for believing in the “American Way”! Wishing you continued success!!!

    Elizabeth Martin on

  • Hello Clark, You were asking for thoughts/comments on importance of American made design and production: For me the fact that your products are designed and manufactured in the USA is a key factor in purchasing furniture from you for my school (Full Circle Montessori School). As much as it is possible I try to personally and professionally make purchases that do not harm anyone/anything else (for example purchasing something that is cheap but the person making it works in horrible conditions or acquiring something that robbed someone else of their natural resources are not purchases I want to make/be a part of). I feel I can purchase from Sprout with a clear conscience as your (and your company) values around above issues seem to be in-line with mine.

    Tatjana Vichnevsky on

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