What 'Value Grade' Means

What 'Value Grade' Means

What 'Value Grade' Means

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What does it mean when one of our items are listed as 'Value Grade'?
Value-Grade Products are made from parts that meet all functional and safety requirements, yet have aesthetic irregularities such as large knotholes, surface dents, scratches in the finish, chips, cracks, a large amount of patches, or other issues that do not meet our visual standards.
Another reason we offer value grade items is that it lets us responsibly use all wood without worrying about it looking 'perfect'. Wood is a natural thing and cannot be forced to look any certain way. You get what you get when it comes to Mother Nature! We appreciate our customers that pick the value grade option so that we can use all wood for our products!


The item itself still gives all benefits of the product you purchased and we still find Value-Grade items to be good looking products! It just allows us to offer a more affordable option to our customers, while also responsibly using our natural resources.  

When it comes to Value-Grade please note that these products always have a limited availability, so we cannot guarantee future stock of any item! 

@freeplaybaby said: I’m thrilled to have value grade! In my opinion the “imperfections” are very mild and don’t bother me in the slightest. I love that I could save money and shipping time, and it’s nice knowing that it’s less wasteful to make products out of all the wood, even if it has irregularities!

Customer Feedback

Many of our customers enjoy their Value-Grade items and the option to have a lower-priced item! Here is what they have to say about purchasing Value-Grade, we have highlighted what they had to say about value grade in green:

The Montessori adjustable weaning table and chair has been the best addition to our daughter’s workspace. She uses it for everything. Eating, art projects, playing, and the best part is that it’s always the perfect size! We actually have the value grade one, and we haven’t even been able to distinguish what made it value grade but we love that we were able to find an affordable option that was still such great quality. -@raisinglittlegoose

"We love the toddler tower! We have been using it with our son since he was around one year old. It’s perfect to get him involved in the kitchen, easy to clean, and isn’t too big. It fits away nicely when don’t need to use it. The value grade is still amazing quality and I can’t even really the see the imperfections once we put it together.  We also use it in the bathroom!"-@tayloerenner
"I had been eyeing the Sprout Montessori Infant Shelf for some time to display our daughters toys that was easily accessible to her. When I saw that there was a value grade available, I jumped at the opportunity! We own a few other Sprout products, and I was equally as pleased with the quality. It was easy to put together and the quality was amazing! Watching her see her new toys every time we rotate them never gets old!”-@lifebyemme
"We love our Sprout shelf! It’s perfect for organizing her toys and keeping some semblance of tidiness to her play area. Now that she wants to climb everywhere and on everything it’s also very relieving to know it’s a sturdy piece, designed with adventuresome toddlers in mind. We were particularly happy to nab the value-grade shelf, if there’s any difference in quality we haven’t noticed."-@bellthroughthenight
"The quality is great for the price! Mira loves to be in the kitchen. From chopping, pouring and transferring food from one container to another, everyday she completes her real life tasks when standing on this tower. Overall this Is an amazing product."-@kellytwng
"Our son has been sleeping in his low bed since he was three months old and he loves it! He has so much space to move around when sleeping, and now he can crawl up and down the bed without any help from us. We love to see it gives him the freedom to move when he wants it without the need to cry for help. We absolutely recommend this to any family who wants to foster the development of functional independence in its little one from the very beginning".-@the.montessori.journey
Replacement parts are offered for Value-Grade Products if there are any functional or safety defects in the parts upon arrival to the customer, but will not be offered for aesthetic reasons. In addition, all sales are finals and there are no returns!

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