Gross Motor & Outdoor

"Movement helps the development of the mind, and this finds renewed expression in further movement and activity." - Maria Montessori
Traditional schooling often overlooks gross motor skills in favor of fine motor skills or purely mental activity. Gross motor activities strengthen muscles, improve coordination, and bring great joy and satisfaction to the child. Running, climbing, sports, or even just carrying large items all fall into this category. The outdoors are the natural place for such activities, and kids in such a space naturally engage their gross motor skills. Being outside regularly also gives children important climate exposure which reduces the risk of sensory sensitivity.

Our Wooden Climbing Triangle has seen much use in Montessori homes and schools and is aligned with Montessori principles. With it, children learn how their bodies operate kinetically, engage their haptic sense, and develop strength naturally. Our Mud Kitchen is a great sensory experience that can be used outdoors for a variety of uses. It doesn't just provide tactile learning, it also promotes natural gross motor development.

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