New Modern Kids Furniture

Check out the latest and greatest creations fresh from sprout labs! From a combination of trusty Sprout values and innovative ideas, we’d like to introduce our newest releases. American made, easy to assemble and durable like all our other products, our new additions bring variety to our other products.

We are constantly striving to create the best in kid furniture, and lately, we have felt the desire to branch out, and provide versions of our quality furniture for adults. As part of this expansion we have a few special and unique new releases.

21 Tall cubby BookcaseOur Cubby storage bookcases have traditionally been square in shape, which has worked well for many people. But we realize that many others have a need for storage space and organization, but lack room in their homes. So we are pleased to announce the new 21 Cubby Bookcase. This shelving unit is a floor to ceiling edition of our other shelves.7 cubbies tall by 3 cubbies wide, it is designed specifically for small rooms and apartments that need a way to be organized. Sturdy and easy to assemble with options in black and white, this modern tall and thin cubby bookcase will satisfy all your small space storage and organization needs.

25 Wave Baltic Birch BookcaseWe also have recently started exploring other materials that could be used to make our furniture both kid and adult friendly, and we think you will be pleased with what we have discovered. 5-ply Baltic Birch plywood. It is extremely durable (even stronger than the MDF we have traditionally used) very lightweight, and absolutely beautiful. Our first releases in Baltic Birch are new versions of our 25 cubby bookcase and 25 Wave Cubby Bookcases. The wood material gives these great designs a neat mid-century look, and emphasizes the influence of nature in design and decoration. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Microwave/oven binsWe are also excited about the new releases in our bin collections. We are now selling our reversible microwave and oven bins, as well as our short diamond print decorative storage boxes. They were previously only sold as part of a set, but now they can be purchased as part of a set, or on their own. The kitchen bins feature images of a microwave on one side, and an over on the other, and the side have fun facts about the history kitchen appliances. The short diamond print Short decorative cubby boxesdecorative storage boxes have a different print on the front and back, and on the sides the two patterns morph together. They were originally designed to fit Sprout night stand and 6 drawer organizer, but they are also compatible with all of our cubby shelving units, as are the microwave/oven bins.

Quilt stands, boards and clamps not included

As a specialty new adult item, we have added Sprout Hand Quilting Stands to our exciting group of new products. Lightweight, super easy to assemble, durable and adjustable, they are perfect for your crafting and quilting needs. You can use them for any size of quilt, and the disassemble very quickly, making them practical for small spaces, and for bringing with you to quilting projects anywhere you happen to be.