Wooden Montessori Furniture for Home

Modern wooden furniture designed with Montessorian principles
for the prepared environment.

We believe that the home is the most important environment for learning and development. It is the school where children first learn the basics--how to sit, stand, walk, sleep, eat, and dress. Children learn naturally in an environment where they have access to the right tools; an environment that is just their size. With our adjustable pieces, designed with your child's size and needs in mind, children can grow as they participate in activites alongside the rest of the family.

Our Montessori Home collection was designed with Maria Montessori’s pedagogy in mind. 

  • The pieces are ready for use by your child, no furniture hacking necessary.
  • Made of natural, beautiful, durable Baltic Birch for a long life in your home.
  • Designed to fit into your home and your style while removing obstacles to your child’s learning and development capabilities.
  • Assembles and disassembles for easy storage. As your child grows beyond its function, the disassembled furniture is easy to store or give away.
  • Pieces like our weaning chairs and tables are adjustable, and can grow with your child, lasting through the early developmental stages. The weaning chair has an adjustable seat while all tables have legs that can be easily switched out for a taller set.
  • Ships to you flat, with minimal impact on the environment.

The Montessori Home collection page is arranged by when you will need each piece, based on Maria Montessori’s progression of learning stages. First, we recommend the floor bed, open infant shelf, and the weaning table and chairs. As your infant grows into a toddler, add a taller leg set to make a taller table and chair set. Next, consider our Counter Culture™ Step Stool, and more shelves for books, craft projects, works, and toys.

If you need something that you can’t find here, please send us a custom request, and we’ll be happy to work with you.