Wooden Montessori Furniture for Home

Modern wooden furniture designed with Montessorian principles
for the prepared environment.
We believe that the home is the most important environment for learning and development. It is where children build their foundation--how to sit, stand, walk, sleep, eat, and dress. Children learn naturally in an environment where they have access to the right tools; an environment that is just their size. At Sprout we believe children's products should facilitate inclusion and independence. With our adjustable pieces, designed with your child's size and needs in mind, children can grow as they participate in activities alongside the rest of the family.

Sleep & Dressing

Appeal to their sense of order & start the day off on the right foot
Practical life activities are major opportunities for learning, and even if your child goes to a Montessori school, sleep and dressing are centered in the home. Our Montessori Floor Bed allows your child independence in resting and waking, so they recuperate when they need to and as long as necessary. The Alba Montessori Wardrobe and other dressing pieces invite children to hone their physical coordination and decision making skills while promoting their sense of independence through self-care.

Eating & Cooking

Learning and inclusion through practical life activities
Montessori principles encourage an active and healthy relationship with food. By including children in preparation, set-up, and clean-up, they take ownership of the meal and are happy contributors. The Sous-Chef Toddler Tower enables them to participate in all kitchen activities (and can be used throughout the house as well, e.g. doing laundry) while a dedicated eating space like the Weaning Chair & Table Set appeals to their sense of order and routine. Our Washing Stations help them learn to wash, and can be used for other sensory activities.

Play & Work

Children are inwardly driven to learn
In Montessori pedagogy, the play of a child is their work. It's important that children are allowed space and time to engage with activities of their choosing for extended periods. When a caregiver makes available developmentally appropriate materials, the child will learn as they enjoy themselves. The following pieces are meant for both displaying materials that your child can choose from as well as storing materials so that children are not overburdened with options or materials inappropriate for their level of development. Our multiple Cube Shelves are great for toy rotation storage, as are the baskets and trays in our Wovewood collection. Our Maker Space, with a wide array of accessory products, allows caretakers to custom design an area for whatever activities a child is interested in, so that their creativity is unfettered.

Art & Literacy

Let your child reveal themself
Art plays an important role as a sensory experience and as an opportunity to learn fine motor skills. As children learn to express themselves, it can be a powerful role in their development and personhood, which is why child-sized tables are some of our most popular products. When they grow older and begin to comprehend writing you can use these same tables as places for reading, and our Book Display Shelf allows them to easily choose their own reading from a limited selection, while our standard shelves are great for holding books out of rotation or for older children in general. You can also build a reading nook using our customizable Maker Space system.

Gross Motor & Outdoor

"Movement helps the development of the mind, and this finds renewed expression in further movement and activity." - Maria Montessori
Traditional schooling often overlooks gross motor skills in favor of fine motor skills or purely mental activity. Gross motor activities strengthen muscles, improve coordination, and bring great joy and satisfaction to the child. Running, climbing, sports, or even just carrying large items all fall into this category. The outdoors are the natural place for such activities, and kids in such a space naturally engage their gross motor skills. Being outside regularly also gives children important climate exposure which reduces the risk of sensory sensitivity.

Our Wooden Climbing Triangle has seen much use in Montessori homes and schools and is aligned with Montessori principles. With it, children learn how their bodies operate kinetically, engage their haptic sense, and develop strength naturally. Our Mud Kitchen is a great sensory experience that can be used outdoors for a variety of uses. It doesn't just provide tactile learning, it also promotes natural gross motor development.

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