Meet the Sprout team

Clark's life has led him from a tree-house building youth to keeping up with his own three wild children now.
Clark Davis
Half extroverted people-person, half introverted dreamer, Paul loves supervising the Sprout Design Team.
Paul Schmidt
Design Supervisor
Mom and tree hugger, Danica heads the Sprout marketing team.
Danica Hall
Director of Marketing
Plant mom and embroidery enthusiast, Avery is the go-to designer for most of Sprout's school products.
Avery Meanea
Obsessed with etymology and reading the manuals for new board games, Justin handles Sprout's HR.
Justin Hone
Human Resources
An avid bookworm who loves Japanese, Janelle is the sales specialist for bulk and school orders.
Janelle Asay
Customer Experience Rep
Boy mom, lover of the outdoors, and life-long learner, Emma creates written marketing content for Sprout.
Emma Tomco
Marketing Strategist
Spending time with my boys in the mountains; come sunshine, rain, or snow. That is my life.
Pearson Basham
Director of CX & Sales