Wooden Climbing Triangle
A child looks out from the top of his Pikler Triangle.
Two children climb on the Pikler Climbing Triangle together.
Wooden Climbing Triangle
The Pikler Climbing Triangle folded up for storage, standing on its legs close to a wall.
Wooden Climbing Triangle
Wooden Climbing Triangle

Wooden Climbing Triangle

Confidence through Activity


Help your child develop physically with a framework where they can happily (and safely) climb! While not Montessori-inspired as many of our products, you can find similar Pikler triangles in many Montessori spaces indoors.

The triangle is foldable and is made to work with your baby, toddler, or even older children as it proves fun and instructive for years beyond. The benefits are numerous, including enhanced gross motor development, increasing spatial awareness, vestibular stimulation (for learning about balance), strengthening limbs, proprioceptive learning (physical self-awareness), providing open-ended play and more!

Our Two-Tone Climbing Triangle has white sides with unchanged rungs.


  • Click Lock Technology makes it easy to store for adults but hard for kids to collapse or tip
  • Built for indoor use--so you can have playground-style fun no matter the weather. Just put it on a rug, mat, or carpet! 
  • Personal play equipment means your child can avoid public options that could be contaminated with COVID-19, the novel coronavirus
  • Baltic Birch Plywood (frame) and Maple (rungs) construction
  • Holds 150 lbs. -- enough for multiple small children
  • Great for hours of open-ended gross motor play inside your own home
  • Usable from infant-hood and still engaging for kids up to 10 years -- watch them make their own fun as they adapt this piece for all sorts of activities. You'll be surprised at the creative ideas they have! The Climbing Triangle can be a...
    • Play fort
    • Indoor tent for sleeping
    • Obstacle course component
    • Ladder to higher activities
    • Perfect way to wear your child out!
    • Quiet place for reading
    • Make-believe mountain
    • Clubhouse
    • And much more!
  • Add a ramp to your order to multiply the possibilities!

 Measurements & Maintenance

  • Dimensions when in use: 36" W x 30" H x 36" D
  • Dimensions when folded: 36" W x 36" H x 8.5" D
  • Clean with a damp rag on the sides, or use light sand paper on the rungs
  • Ramp Dimensions: 11.5" x 47" x .7"

Climbing Triangle Ramps also available as a separate purchase!

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Assembly Video

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"My daughter was climbing furniture. Over the back and sides of the couch, and up her book display. It wasn’t safe, but she had a deep need to climb! Occasionally, my daughter still climbs her bookshelf, and other furniture. I acknowledge how fun that must be, but state that it isn’t safe and suggest she climb her triangle instead. “Yeah!! GullGull!” she says, while running to her trian-“gull” in the other room. It is such a relief to have a safe structure to redirect her climbing! "



"This is my 8 month old, climbing his triangle. I cannot believe how quickly he has taken to it, and watching him progress has been so fun. He now trusts himself to climb to the top, and is able to climb back down safely. This triangle is our favorite purchase. The quality is amazing & It’s so well built, plus it was so easy to put together!! "



"We live in a small apartment, and having the triangle and ramp is a great way to give him an opportunity to climb and move in new ways. We ordered it before our area received stay-at-home orders, so now I'm even more grateful for a mini-playground in our living room. I'm looking forward to seeing all the ways he ends up using it as he gets older. The ramp has already inspired him to practice standing on his own for the first time!"



" It's been amazing, and he's been very interested in it. He loves to use it to pull up, and as a tent. It was easy to put together, and my favorite part is that it folds when we're not using it. I'm so excited to see how he continue to use it. "



"Selena has been loving her new Sprout Kids climbing triangle. She went right over to it and pulled up. Can’t wait to see her gross motor skills develop with this new addition to her playroom!"



"Our son immediately started exploring and climbing on it and it is now one of his favorite things to play on. It’s an amazing piece of equipment for him to develop his gross motor skills. It also gives us peace of mind to provide him with something to climb on safely with our supervision instead of him trying to climb up on tables and shelves. It’s also able to fold up to be more compact and store when not in use which is great for us since we have a small space. "



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