COVID-19 Updated FAQ

This page is no longer up to date as of January 2021 ARE YOU OPEN FOR BUSINESS? Yes! We are producing and shipping current orders, but we have made the difficult decision as a small business to temporarily limit sales. Due to COVID-19 contractions and precautionary quarantines, we have had to make some adjustments. Our workforce was temporarily reduced but we are still producing products with an understanding of our responsibility to operate safely. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to build natural wood furniture remotely! Since we were struggling to keep the commitments we made in a timely manner, we felt we needed to limit sales. We do not have any storefront locations and positions available to work from home do so.  Common areas are being disinfected regularly, employees are instructed to remain at home for all illnesses, and we have both posted signs and discussed with all employees how we can prevent the spread of disease.  We are committed to keeping our promises, and our healthy production staff will continue to create furniture in the order placed. We have a strong commitment to helping families create spaces that foster creativity, independence, confidence, and resilience. We are so grateful for the level of support we have received to make this temporary break in sales necessary, we just wish we could deliver Sprout products to everyone who wants them! WHICH PRODUCTS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE? A selection of products is currently purchasable, and there will be a set number available, or allocation, for each week. Not all variants for these items will be purchasable. We will make an allocation of products available on Monday mornings, and when the allocation runs out there will be an option to request notification for the next allocation on each product page. Notification will also be sent on Monday morning. The lead time for these items will be on their product pages. WHEN CAN I ORDER OTHER PRODUCTS? While we aren’t currently taking orders for many products, you can reserve your spot to order when sales resume.  Simply visit the product page of your choice and you’ll see the option to reserve where the order button usually is. As we make products available, we will allow sales in blocks, and the earlier your reservation, the sooner you can order. You will have no obligation to purchase at a later time, so don’t worry if you change your mind later!Different products will become available at different times. Our team is working feverishly to make sure we can offer products again soon! If you foresee a need for a Sprout product in the near future as your children grow, we encourage you to plan accordingly and reserve your spot as soon as possible. We are sorry we can’t deliver everything you want today, and we hope you still choose us as a partner in crafting your ideal home! ARE YOUR PRODUCTION TIMES ACCURATE? Temporarily interrupting sales means we can focus on orders already placed and deliver them in a timely fashion. We were late in fulfilling some orders from the busy summer. We are sorry we have not fulfilled them when promised! We take these commitments seriously so we have made and are making changes. To meet your needs despite our reduced staff we have been streamlining operations and re-configuring to increase efficiency. We continue to innovate. We are doing the best we can and stand by our estimates. HAVE SHIPPING TIMES BEEN AFFECTED? Some orders have been delivered past their shipping time estimate given at the time of processing. A portion of these have been delayed on account of shippers who are also struggling with a large increase in internet shopping. To help us in getting your product to you as soon as possible, please ensure your address is up to date. When your order is shipped, you'll receive an email with tracking information so you can monitor the progress of your delivery. If you are ordering on behalf of a school please let us know if your school is open and can receive packages or we would be happy to ship your order to another location.