Montessori-Friendly Summer Reading List

Montessori-Friendly Summer Reading List

Montessori-Friendly Summer Reading List

For teachers and parents, books can be a powerful tool to help students and children understand what they see and experience out in the world. Montessori-friendly books are ones that are rooted in reality and inspired by real world experiences.
Illustrations portraying things that they see out in their everyday lives can illuminate the beauty in the ordinary – a sunset, a butterfly, a rainstorm, or a simple walk in the backyard.

Our Montessori-Friendly Summer Reading List is perfect for the summer classroom environment or for reading at home with loved ones.

Summer Days and Nights
by Wong Herbert Yee
Best for Ages 2-6 years old

This book follows a little girl as she entertains herself with the sights, sounds, and fun activities of summer days and nights.

We love books that highlight the joy and small details that make summer such a fun time of year.
Summer Evening
by Walter de la Mare
Best for Ages 0-5 years

This book is part of a series depicting each season. There are beautiful illustrations alongside de la Mare's poem about a summer evening. This is a beautiful book to enjoy animals, colors, and very little text that allows the reader to enjoy the beauty of the illustrations.

We love artistic interpretations through words and illustrations that are inspired by the beauty of nature!
by Suzy Lee
Best for Ages 2-5 years

This is a gorgeous, wordless book about a girl at the beach. The illustrations perfectly capture the many emotions the girl experiences when playing in the waves.

We love books that spark the imagination by allowing children to put their own words or feelings into the story.
Mama, Is It Summer Yet?
by Nikki McClure
Best for Ages 3-5 years

A little boy, eagerly awaiting summer, asks his mother if it is summer yet. They watch for the signs of summer, like birds and the flowers.

Reading books that promote new vocabulary and observation skills can help children navigate their world
A Lullaby of Sumer Things
by Natalie Ziarnik
Best for Ages 4-8 years

This is a perfect book to end a summer day in preparation for bedtime! This is a wonderful rhyming book that can help your little one wind down from a fun-filled summer day.

We love books that support our little one’s routines by helping them relate to families and children!
We're Going on a Bear Hunt
by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury
Best for Ages 2-4 years

This is a classic book about a family outing to find a bear. The illustrations are beautiful and the simple text encourages children to join in!

This is a personal favorite in our house. We read this book daily
Before and After
by Matthias Aregui & Anne-Margot Ramstein
Best for Ages 1-5 years

This book makes connections between everyday things, like a chicken and an egg. The large illustrations are perfect for children who are not yet reading.

Children can benefit from books that make connections between objects children see and interact with in their everyday lives.
Summer Color!
by Diana Murray
Best for Ages 4-8 years

This book is about two children who go on an adventure in their backyard and discover the colorful landscape of summer.

We love when children are inspired to discover nature and read books that are relatable!
Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt
by Kate Messner
Best for Ages 2 to 5 years

This book uncovers the hidden world under our feet! It is perfect for families starting a garden in their backyard!

We love offering books that spark interest in new ideas and appreciation for what we don’t see!
The Backyard Bug Book for Kids
by Lauren Davidson
Best for Ages 3-5 years

Learn facts about the bugs in your very own backyard! There are pictures and activities–perfect for your bug-lover.

We love books that inspire observation and education about what can be found all around us!

What are your favorite summer books? Comment below to share!


  • You selected beautiful books for summer reading! What a great idea to send out these suggestions.
    I am a military wife (he’s now retired). I feel so fortunate to have had the life we’ve had, living in many places and meeting wonderful people. It was such a blessing. And my personal career benefited from each move that we made. I just learned to make the best of things wherever we were. Good luck to you and enjoy those babies and the moves!

    Cathy on

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