Sprout Summer Fun Book!

Sprout Summer Fun Book!

Sprout Summer Fun Book!

Sprout Summer Coloring Book

Who's ready for summer?!

Summer can be a fun time full of adventures! But let's be honest, the kids are out of school, and it can be challenging to balance travel, work, commitments, and the expectation to make the summer as fun as possible for your kids. We hope our Sprout Summer Coloring Book can spark some excitement in those moments when you need some inspiration. Use it on a nature walk close to home or on your travels to new places!

Our talented in-house illustrator designed these fun booklets to make your summer a little more colorful! The coloring book includes:

Summer Bucket List 
Watch the sunrise, blow bubbles, paint, and cook over the fire! Try some of these classic summer activities and color in the ones you've completed! Maybe this bucket list will give you some new ways to explore this summer!

Summer Reading Log
Summer is the perfect time to read with the family. Write the titles of the books you've read and watch them pile up!

Nature Eye Spy 
How many animals and plants can you spot on your summer nature walks? See what you can observe!

Create your own illustrations! 
There are many pages in this booklet where you can create your own works of art!

Show off your art!

Make sure to tag us so we can see your little artist's work! At the end of June, we will be giving away a few Sprout gift cards chosen at random from those who share! We can't wait to see where the summer takes you!

Download your coloring book as a two-sided booklet HERE

Download your coloring book as a one-sided print out HERE

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