American Kids Furniture

Sprout kids furniture is designed and manufactured in America and made with 100% local materials. This makes our furniture from start to finish completely American kids furniture. At Sprout kids furniture we source our materials personally and responsibly. We get the wood material for our American kids furniture from the North Western states from locally grown resources. This promotes jobs and recycles valuable materials.

Both the design and manufacturing of our kids furniture take place in the state of Utah. We design to fit the standards of American manufacturing to ensure a safe and clean environment for our manufacturers. Both the final product and the packaging it comes in are designed and made in Utah. With locally designed and manufactured products we are able to keep an eye on the standard of production of our American kids furniture. Also by being an all American company, we can ensure that production meets the standards of environmental protection, guaranteeing a beautiful future for generations to come.

By being 100% made in the USA,  we are able to eliminate extra waste of materials (time, shipping, etc.) and maintain a lean supply chain. By keeping everything local, the costs of shipping our material is low, we are able to look over our product and avoid mistakes, and eliminate waste of time and money overall. This not only helps keep pollution and processing time down but makes our final product cost lower to our customers.