Value-Grade Adjustable Montessori Weaning Chair & Table Set

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That means it is made with parts that don't usually meet our aesthetic standards.  All Value-Grade sales are final, there are no returns.

Please note the table leg lengths. 

A weaning chair & table set is a great tool for your child’s development as they transition to a solid diet and as they gain more mobility and independence. 

  • This 20” x 30” A-joint table is conveniently sized for small spaces and features interchangeable legs.
  • Children have the independence to come and go from the table as they get hungry or become interested in exploring another element of their surroundings.
  • Children are able to sit with their feet flat on the ground which is more comfortable for them and helps them to sit properly.
  • With the adjustable seat, you can ensure that the height is just right for all stages of growth and development.
  • The chairs are made of durable, safe, Baltic Birch so they can serve your child’s needs, and any other children that you pass it on to.
  • Our natural Baltic Birch has a smooth finish for safety and ease of cleaning.
  • Easily assembled and disassembled for convenient storage.
  • Chairs are sturdy, yet lightweight, so your child can move them around, fostering more independence and mobility.
  • The Adjustable Montessori Weaning Chair & Table Set can be used not only to learn how to eat solid foods, but for any other crafts and activities your child engages in.

Our Montessori Weaning Chair is sturdy, easy to clean, and adjustable to 3 heights. 

  • 5"   -   6 to 18 months old
  • 7"   -   1-3 years old
  • 10" -   3-8 years old

Table Leg Heights

  • 12" Height - 6 to 18 months
  • 15" Height - 1 to 3 years
  • 20" Height - 3 to 8 years

For help on matching chair heights with table legs, see our complete sizing guide here.

Sets vary depending on your selection of chair quantity, leg options, and materials!

    View the weaning table and chair separately. 

    Weaning Chair Assembly Video HERE.

    Weaning Table Assembly Video HERE.

    Not for outdoor use. Avoid prolonged contact with liquids. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and dry.

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