Value-Grade Birch Montessori Infant Shelf
Value-Grade Birch Montessori Infant Shelf
Value-Grade Birch Montessori Infant Shelf
Value-Grade Birch Montessori Infant Shelf
Value-Grade Birch Montessori Infant Shelf

Value-Grade Birch Montessori Infant Shelf




That means it is made with parts that don't usually meet our aesthetic standards.  All Value-Grade sales are final, there are no returns.

The Birch Montessori Infant Shelf comes with finished faces and burnished edges and assembles easily with no tools or hardware. 

  • Made from sturdy, durable, safe 15mm Baltic Birch so it’s made to last
  • Continue using it in your home after your child outgrows it, or pass it down to your next child
  • Disassembles easily to save space
  • Weighs 23 lbs. Easy for you to move, sturdy enough to support baby
  • 45"W x 13"H x 11.5"D is recommended, 30"W x 13"H x 11.5"D is also available if you're low on space.
  • The Montessori Method encourages accessibility and freedom for children. These shelves are beautifully designed to invite children to choose among the materials you present for their learning and play.

    Infants can use the shelf as a support to pull themselves to a standing position and guide them while walking. They can also access appropriate toys within their reach.

    Recommended Shelf Height by Age

    Height  # of Adjustable Shelves Ages
    13" 0 16-18 Months
    20" 1
    1-3 Years
    24" 1 3-5 Years
    30" 1 4-9 Years
    42" 2 8-12 Years
    48" 2 10+ Years
    60" 3 13+ Years

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    " We love our Sprout shelf! It’s perfect for organizing her toys and keeping some semblance of tidiness to her play area. Now that she wants to climb everywhere and on everything it’s also very relieving to know it’s a sturdy piece, designed with adventuresome toddlers in mind. We were particularly happy to nab the value-grade shelf, if there’s any difference in quality we either haven’t noticed. "




    As a Montessori teacher, I know the importance of a prepared environment from the start. In my search for our daughter’s first shelf, I was in looking for something developmentally appropriate, long-lasting, beautiful, eco-friendly, and made in the United States. I was thrilled to find the Sprout Infant Shelf. It looks beautiful in our home, and I am happy to support this wonderful business. We have already ordered again! We are customers for life!

    " I had been eyeing the Sprout Montessori Infant Shelf for some time to display our daughters toys that was easily accessible to her. When I saw that there was a value grade available, I jumped at the opportunity! We own a few other Sprout products, and I was equally as pleased with the quality. It was easy to put together and the quality was amazing! Watching her see her new toys every time we rotate them never gets old!” We are big fans of Sprout with having added a Sous Chef, Weaning table and now we are waiting for our floor bed and the Alba wardrobe."



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